Entire Web Site

We plan, construct, manage data, and develop software for corporate and consumer web sites.We have an in-house photography and video studio for shooting and editing.

WEB / Sales Websites

Web sites can be made from scratch and CMS (Content Management Systems) can be customized. A highly advanced website can be developed using database programming, WEB server management, customization for smartphones and tablet PCs, style sheets, Java Script, and HTML5.Retail websites, such as Rakuten, Amazon, and Yahoo, and direct retail websites can also be managed.

Photography / Video

With a large in-house photo studio, large products such as furniture, to small objects can be photographed. The studio has sets, so objects can appear to be located in homes or offices. Photos can be edited to create a video that can be viewed rotating from any angle. Photos can also be taken outside of the studio. From filming to editing, all the work can be done by us. Videos can be created describing products to be displayed in stores or on the web


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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We choose proper keywords in order to have a higher likelihood of being brought up on search engines. Websites will be analyzed with utilities such as Google Analytics. SNS such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube will improve SEO.


We use VB for corporate business applications. We work with PHP, ASP, and DB, and Perl to create advanced websites. Other languages such as Java, Ruby, .NET, C language (C++) are also utilized.

Augmented Reality

A 3D model projected by reading an AR marker using a smartphone or table PC is useful for virtual realistic promotion.

Data Management

We constructed and reliably maintain a vast product database of more than 10,000 items.Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL server allows system development for us.

Smart Phone / Tablet PC Application

We plan, design and develop applications.