With rapid globalization, competition with foreign companies has intensified. Consequently, we must contend with them. We support localization of manufacturing, sales, and information in many languages.We will support you whether in Japan or abroad.We do more than design. We create products and services with you.

Company Outline

Company Name
Hosen 2-5-48, Minami Ward, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan Post Code 702-8027
TEL+81 (0) 86 244 2444 FAX+81 (0) 86 244 7233 E-mail:guide@takeoffinc.co.jp
1984 October
Share Capital
10 Million JPY
580 Million JPY (as of 2018)
Trading Banks
The Chugoku Bank, Sanin Godo Bank
Board of Directors
Chairman: Shusuke Takehisa
President: Kumi Sakai
Senior Managing Director: Shozaburo Horiguchi
Director: Hidechika Takehisa Director: Masashi Toyota
Project Planning : Enterprise Planning, Strategic Planning, Commercialization Planning, Marketing
Product Design : Product Planning, Product Design, Prototype Production, Overseas Production
Graphic Design : Packaging, Catalogs, Advertising, CI
Multimedia Design : Websites, Photography, Video
Worked with
Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry, Okayama Prefecture, Okayama Prefecture
Industrial Promotion Foundation, Okayama Prefectural Government Tourism Division,
Akasaka Town, Kamisaibara Village, Asahi Sogo Printings, Ozaki Shoji, Kawanishi Holdings,
Kobunkan Printings, Sanwa Supply, Santec, Daiei, Tenmaya Ad Center, Tokyu Hands,
Hagihara Industries, Mitsui E&S Machinery, Mitsui E&S Systems Research
Three Story Steel-Framed Building (570 m2), Photography Studio, Photography/Video
Equipment, Audio Recording Studio, Computers (80 Stations), Various Graphical Software,
Large format printer, 3D Graphical Software (Claytools, Alias Studio), 3D Modeler (2
stations), Contact Scanner, Band Saw, Drill, Spray-Paint Booth, Portable Vacuum Forming
Machine, Grinder

Corporate History

1983 October
Shusuke Takehisa launched his freelance career after establishing new business, planning,
manufacturing, and selling furniture for an automobile-related company.
1984 October
Established his design agency, TAKEOFF Inc (with 5 million JPY in capital) in Okamachi, Okayama
City when he started doing advertising in addition to product planning.
1988 October
Relocated to his newly-constructed two-story wooden office building in Kanda-cho, Okayama city.
1991 March
Increased capital to 10 million JPY.
1992 August
Relocated to his newly-constructed two story wooden office building in Toshinden, Okayama City.
Acquired facilities to develop prototypes and photography equipment.
1997 October
Built a three-story steel-framed building on the same site. Set-up facilities to develop prototypes, a
photo studio, and a video editing room. Organized corporate support structure.
1998 January
Established a multimedia department. Recruited employees to fully support e-commerce.